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Quotes do Real Vampires Know Hips Happen


A Gerry Barlett está postando toda quarta uma quote do seu próximo lançamento, Real Vampires Know Hips Happen.

Nesta a mãe do Jerry chega e isso não é nada bom.

 Jerry’s mother arrives and the sh*t hits the fan. Mag’s son has amnesia?
Jerry’s mother stood in the doorway, her stare telling me all I needed to know. She’d read minds, done something to figure out that this was all my fault.

E a Glory falando um pouco sobre os demônios…

Glory explains vampires to her mother:
“I’ve met demons. Vampires are vintage Chanel. Demons are last year’s markdowns.”

E a mãe da Glory causando, especialmente quando ela aparece no Castelo Campbell.

I closed my eyes and wished I had Mag’s Bible. I wasn’t sure if I’d use it for fervent prayer or to throw it at the woman who’d claimed she’d given birth to me. This could not end well.

E o Jerry sendo durão!!!

Jeremy Blade is accused of have post traumatic induced amnesia. What? Not this tough guy:

“I’m a warrior. A bad thing to me is losing a battle. My horse being shot out from under me. I’d think those things would be a trauma to me, not crying about my unfaithful girlfriend.”

Aww Glory!  Tentando de tudo pra curar o Jerry!

“Drink from me, Jeremiah. Heal. This is strictly business between us. You think I’m a strumpet? Perhaps I should ask you to pay for it.”

E essa é a da mãe do Jerry:

“I don’t owe you an explanation. Run along before I decide to fry you like bacon.”

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