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Entrevista com a Kresley Cole – IAD e The Dacians


O USA Today publicou uma entrevista com a Kresley Cole, a autora das séries Immortals After Dark, The Dacians e The Arcana Chronicles onde ela fala sobre a tour que ela fez para divulgar o livro Lothaire e também sobre seus últimos dois lançamentos: Shadow’s Claim e Poison Princess.

Clique aqui para ler.

A entrevista toda é muito legal!  Recomendo!  E eu já li o Shadow’s Claim e o Poison Princess e eles são  PERFEITOS!  Logo mais sai uma review do primeiro!


Vou colocar algumas das perguntas que eu gostei bastante:

Pamela: What do you find to be the most challenging part of writing a long, continuing series like IAD?

Kresley: The fact that all of the IAD books have overlapping timelines is crazy challenging. Added to this, I tend to write the same scenes from different points of view over different installments. I swear with each book that I’ll never do it again, but I always break down. Readers tell me they really enjoy exploring certain events from different angles, and that it makes for a rich reading experience.Needless to say, keeping the details straight is critical. We have comprehensive spreadsheets on every aspect of the series: species, major players within each faction, strengths and weaknesses, settings, lairs and castles, weapons, villains, deities, jewels and talismans, languages (especially any words I make up!), etc. Just to be on the safe side, I do a re-read of the entire series usually twice a year, which also keeps me on track with the overarching series direction.

Pamela: Tell us about the new series focusing on the Dacians, the Realm of Blood and Mist. Out of all the creatures of the Lore, why did your Muse choose them? And what does this mean for your IAD series overall?

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